Leaside Way Neighbourhood Watch

Coronavirus Emergency:

Please follow the Government and NHS advice during these difficult days.

Please visit our facebook page for the latest information and advice.


All meetings are cancelled for the forseeable future.

The Neighbourhood Watch is still functioning,
but Christine the Co-ordinator is still struggling with poor health.

Regrettably, we have No PCSO at the moment, 
so contact with the Police is limited.

There have been No items of concern other than the usual alerts 
about Telephone, Computer & Door to Door Scams.

Please keep me informed of any Incidents or Concerns.

Ray White


Fly Tipping at the rear of 45-53 Leaside Way
We have reported this and are keeping a special watch on the wildlife garden are.

Police Funding and Officer Numbers

The PCC has announced that the increased Policing element of the Council Tax will allow him to increase officer and support staff numbers. Cllr Lorna Feilker of SCC is requesting as many extra resources for Southampton as possible.

There will also be a boost to Police numbers following the election of the new government.


Goodbye PCSO Alex Radu

Alex has now left to start his training to be a P.C., and we send him our sincere best wishes and thanks for a job so well done.


Your Neighbourhood Policing Team have asked for you to be aware of home, shed and garage break-ins, 

and especially ask that you secure high value items, valuables, bikes, tools, etc.

There have been break-in’s in the local area so please be alert and vigilant.

We are also warning local householders who are not covered by a Neighbourhood Watch at present.

Hampshire Police advise that during the shorter winter days simple measures such as leaving a home light on, 

or a timer-controlled light with a low energy bulb can help to deter crime.

Leaving a Radio on tuned to a talking station can also help deter crime.

 Don't make an empty home easy for burglars to spot when it's dark.